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Welcome to the MapRoad PMS Support & Information Portal

This portal has been designed to provide access to information on MapRoad, PMS (Pavement Management System), MapRoad Mobile and MapRoad Licensing. These applications are used to manage Road Schedules, plan future Works, capture Visual Condition Ratings of Roads and manage Road Openings and other Road Specific Licensing processes.

MapRoad PMS - Desktop Application

MapRoad is a desktop suite of software products used to manage the road schedule.
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MapRoad PMS - Pavement Management System

The Pavement Management System (PMS) is an intranet tool for Local Authority users for viewing and editing road network data.
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MapRoad PMS - Mobile Applications

An Android based suite of apps for the rapid capture of Pavement Surface Condition Index (PSCI) data, Surface Type, Speed Limits and more.
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MapRoad PMS - Ticket Tracker

The MapRoad PMS Ticket Tracker system is used to log details about an issue and request technical support.
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MapRoad Licensing (MRL)

MapRoad Licensing (MRL) allows contractors to register and apply to local authorities for licenses to carry out roadworks.

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