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MapRoad PMS - Desktop Application

MapRoad PMS - Desktop Application
MapRoad 2.3.1 Desktop Application

MapRoad is a suite of software products used by Local Authorities to manage road data such as the road itself, road maintenance data, accident data, bridge data, traffic data and claim data.

MapRoad has a range of Pavement Management tools for Road Authorities in Ireland, and is supported by the Department of Transport. Additional broad range of tools will be provided in new versions to build Pavement Management Capabilities and Techniques nationally.

MapRoad modules include;

  • Road Network
  • This is the core Module managing data associated with the road itself; its geographical location, its name, width, length, date taken in charge.
  • Road Management & Road Management Plus
  • These modules have been superceded by the intranet based Pavement Managment System (PMS) web application.
  • Road Accident
  • This module manages data associated with accidents such as their location and all data from CT68/Garda Accident Report Form . The module allows automatic import of NRA data, produces low cost proposal forms and facilitates accident analysis.
  • Road Bridge
  • This module manages data associated with bridges such as inspection data, inventory data and works carried out, including import of NRA Bridge inventory Data.
  • Road Hazard
  • This module manages data associated with claims made to Local Authorities. Allowing inspections and works carried out to be recorded and reports and acknowledgment letters to be created.

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